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At Cultivate Creative House, our approach to web design seamlessly blends captivating visuals with strategic conversion optimization. Our process commences with an extensive planning phase, encompassing a detailed website questionnaire, in-depth research, meticulous content planning, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and the development of at least two distinctive website design directions.

Once the concept is approved, we transition into crafting desktop and mobile page designs. Notably, our emphasis on mobile design stems from its significance, representing approximately 90% of our clients' website traffic.


When the rough draft is completed, we invite feedback by sharing designs, asking for your insights on every aspect, from pages to views to hover states. Each round of client feedback is thoughtfully considered as we refine and finalize the designs.

Upon approval, we provide comprehensive briefings on the Wix platform to your team or engage one of our trusted partners, extending our assistance even with quality assurance. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering exceptional web design services tailored to meet your distinct needs and objectives.

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